Projix is a brand-new way to measure.

Discover the future of measuring with Projix.

Projix is transforming the construction industry by offering a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the measuring process, reducing errors and enhancing productivity.

With its innovative features and user-friendly design, Projix is the ideal choice for modern construction professionals.

Laser projection is a technology used in the construction industry to improve the accuracy and efficiency of layout and installation tasks. It involves the use of a laser projector to create virtual templates or outlines of construction elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, pipes, ducts, and equipment.

Advanced Technology for Modern Constrution:

Maximize Efficiency and Sustainability:

Embrace the Power of Laser Projection:

Projix offers a unique solution for construction professionals, bridging the gap between traditional measuring devices and laser projection technology. Invest in a future where accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability are the cornerstones of successful construction projects.


Using Projix, you can prevent measurement errors:


That’s precisely the advantage of Projix. It accurately displays the correct installation locations, ensuring precision and reducing the likelihood of errors. By providing the right information every time, Projix saves both time and money, streamlining the construction process and improving overall efficiency.

Technolgy -
Key features:

• BIM (Building Information Model) system integration via IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files 

• Automatic positioning

Projix excels in: 

• Reliability 

• Accuracy 

• Ease of use

More about technology:

Projix offers advanced features that set it apart in the construction industry:

• BIM Integration: Projix connects to the Building Information Model (BIM) system using Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest digital representation of the project’s physical and functional characteristics.

• Automatic Positioning: With its cutting-edge automatic positioning capabilities, Projix eliminates the need for manual measurements and ensures precise alignment, reducing errors and saving time on the job site.

Projix stands out by providing:

• Reliability: Projix’s dependable technology ensures that your construction project runs smoothly, reducing costly mistakes and increasing overall confidence in the process.

• Accuracy: By delivering precise laser-guided measurements, Projix enables construction teams to achieve better results with fewer errors, improving the overall quality of the finished project.

• Ease of Use: Projix is designed with user-friendly features, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals, even those with minimal training. This allows for quicker adoption and a more efficient workflow on the construction site.


How to measure with Projix:

First, bring the carrying bag and a tripod to the measurement site.

Set up the tripod at the room or space to be measured and attach the Projix laser pointer to it.

Take out the tablet computer from the transport bag and power it on.

After the initialization process, Projix will rotate around to determine its precise position.

Once positioned accurately, it’s ready for use. The tablet computer features a pre-loaded data model of the space to be measured, supplying the device with all necessary information to display the correct installation locations accurately.

The device integrates with the BIM (Building Information Model) system through IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files.

More about laser projections:

The laser projector emits a beam of light that can be adjusted to various shapes and sizes, depending on the required layout or design. The laser beam can be projected onto different surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings, creating a visible template that can be used as a guide for installation.

One of the main advantages of laser projection in construction is its high accuracy and precision. Laser projectors can create virtual templates with a tolerance of a few millimeters, reducing the risk of errors and rework. This is particularly useful in complex construction projects where multiple trades need to work together in a coordinated manner. Another advantage of laser projection is its speed and efficiency. Laser projectors can create virtual templates in a matter of minutes. This saves time and money and allows construction teams to complete projects faster and with fewer resources.

Laser projection is also a safer alternative to traditional layout methods that may require workers to climb ladders or scaffolds to install templates. Laser projectors can be operated from the ground, reducing the risk of falls and accidents. Overall, laser projection is a useful technology that can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of construction projects. It is particularly useful in projects that require high precision and coordination between different trades.

Projix does not compete with traditional measuring devices, such as leveling instruments and other surveying instruments used by professionals on construction sites. These devices require training and are typically used to measure load-bearing structures of buildings. They also need to be positioned manually.

There are various laser devices on the market that project lines but do not have a feature to measure from IFC models. They only produce points or lines or inspect surface evenness. These devices are not self-positioning, making it difficult to measure directly from drawings.

Projix fills the gap between these devices, using a point cloud for automatic positioning and an IFC model to indicate objects with lines and dots. Traditionally, partition locations are determined from floor plans and measured on-site using a tape measure and a line laser. With Projix, users only need minimal training, and the objects to be measured are displayed on a dedicated tablet.

The environment is important to us:

At Projix, we prioritize circular economy principles, ensuring our construction site projector is designed with life cycle sustainability in mind. The Projix system has the potential to achieve significant material, cost, and time savings in the construction industry, benefiting various stakeholders, particularly construction companies.

By improving the profitability of construction companies, promoting material efficiency, and accelerating construction schedules, Projix helps keep pace with production timelines while also reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects. It minimizes construction waste and unnecessary measurements, supporting the green transition.

The recent increase in raw material costs makes Projix even more valuable for builders. By decreasing the amount of construction waste and carbon dioxide emissions, and conserving virgin materials, Projix contributes to sustainable development.

Transforming Measuring with Projix:

Innovation Born from Experience

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the construction industry, the need for improved accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability has given rise to innovative solutions. The idea for Projix emerged from a real-life experience at a construction site, where a measurement error led to complications with supply water pipes. This seemingly small 3cm error resulted in the pipes not fitting within the partition frame, requiring adjustments to the partition body.

Determined to eliminate measurement errors in construction and embrace modern technology, the vision for Projix Pointer was born. This groundbreaking solution aims to revolutionize the industry by offering an innovative, user-friendly approach to measuring and installation tasks. With Projix, construction professionals can experience:

• Enhanced Accuracy: Eliminate measurement errors with automatic positioning and an accuracy of ±5mm, ensuring that even the smallest discrepancies are avoided. 

• Increased Efficiency: Streamline the construction process by leveraging advanced technology and reducing the need for manual measurements and rework. 

• Improved Sustainability: With a focus on circular economy perspectives, Projix minimizes construction waste and contributes to a greener environment.

Projix Pointer is more than just a technological breakthrough; it is a testament to the power of innovation driven by real-world challenges. By empowering construction professionals to overcome obstacles and embrace cutting-edge solutions, Projix is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in the construction industry.